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The Most Efficient Way to Use Underfloor Heating

    • 1). Determine the floor plan of the area you wish to install your underfloor heating system. Clearly define where wall structures, permanent counter tops and large furniture pieces will likely be located. It is essential to define these spaces to avoid laying heating pipes under them as heating such spaces would be inefficient and could also potentially damage certain wooden objects over time.

    • 2). Design your heating loop coils so that they are evenly spaced from each other and from walls or other permanent objects mentioned in step one so that they are spaced 7 to 10 inches apart from each other, measured from the center of the tube, to the center of the adjacent tube.

    • 3). Utilize a condensing boiler system to heat the glycol solution that is pumped through underfloor heating systems. Condensing boilers are the current most efficient means of providing heat to underfloor systems.

    • 4). Minimize the amount of insulating materials on the heated floor's surfaces. Too many carpets, underlays, or other insulating materials on the floor will resist the heat flow coming from the tube system. Try to utilize only what is needed without compromising heat flow.

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