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Implementing Delirium Screening in the ICU

´╗┐Implementing Delirium Screening in the ICU

Delirium Screening Tools for the ICU

ICU patients are commonly intubated, sedated, and/or physically weak. These unique characteristics led to the development of five adult delirium screening tools that are validated against the American Psychiatric Association's DSM criteria for the diagnosis of delirium: the ICDSC, the CAM-ICU, the Nursing Delirium Screening Scale, the Delirium Detection Score, and the Cognitive Test for Delirium. Each tool varies with regard to content, delirium symptom assessment method (e.g., standardized vs observational assessment), length of assessment time, and psychometric properties. The ICDSC and the CAM-ICU are the most well studied and widely implemented adult ICU delirium screening tools worldwide and are the two delirium screening tools recommended by recently updated clinical practice guidelines. These tools are described and contrasted below.

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