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Explore Panasonic New Range of TV

Every home has a television set. It is very relaxing to sit on the sofa and watch a funny movie or TV program after a hard day's work. As time passes, televisions have undergone massive improvements, which enhance your watching experience. Here is the new range of television that Panasonic provides to consumers.

Network-enabled Television

One of the latest innovations in Panasonic TV is the network-enabled television. Simply said, this television has networking functions, which allows you to access the internet. You can access web browsers and social media sites through the television, just like in PC. The only difference is that this television has a larger screen as opposed to personal computers. You can also link your mobile phones to the television and share or download contents via Wi-Fi sharing

Aside from networking, network-enabled televisions have other amazing features. For example, the television has a voice guidance features. This means that any contents shown on the website or any SNS messages you have received will be read out to you. All you need to do is to listen.

Picture quality is also superb. It has a wide angle viewing characteristics, which emphasize the details of the images reproduced by the television. It is also capable of maintaining high quality of contrast, brightness, and color even when you are viewing from an angle. It has also a backlight blinking feature, which eliminates after images and flickers.

Full HD 3D

If you think that picture quality determines the best TV, then Panasonic Full HD 3D will be your best choice. It has a focused field drive feature, which enables high motion image performance. This means that image quality will not degrade even during fast action shots. This is also ideal for watching sports, allowing you to view the movements of each player with great detail.

The effects produced by the shadows are also one of kind when it comes to Full 3D TV. This television set has an infinite black feature, which enables deeper; jet blacked shades, as well as cause blocked shadows. It also renders dark scenes with meticulous details, enabling you to know what is going on.  This feature also enables the TV to maintain high quality images even when the living room is brightly lit.

This television model also has a dot noise reduction feature, which detects SD, web and other image signals and compensates for it. It also suppresses graininess, which results to smoother and more natural images.

This television is also environment friendly. Unlike older models of televisions, Panasonic Smart Viera Full HD 3D does not contain any mercury or lead, which is not only harmful to the environment, but also to your health.

The two television models mentioned above are some of the latest models of television manufactured by Panasonic. Both models have amazing features that will surely give you a thrilling experience every time you watch a movie or a television program. In case are planning to shop for a television set, don't forget to visit the official website of Panasonic.

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