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Cat Health Care - Essential Tips

Your feline friends need your proper care for them to stay healthy and fit.
To ensure that they get nothing but the best care they deserve, here are some health care tips for bringing the vibrant life out of your pet cat or kitten.
Aging - When your cats turn the age of 8-10 years, it is highly recommended that you bring them to the vet for routinely checkups at least twice a year.
Doing so will help prevent health complications that are being brought about by aging.
Older animals are usually affected by stress-related illnesses so as their guardian, it is your duty to provide them with a stress-free environment.
To do this, you'll have to eliminate sudden noises, off smells, and other disruptive routines.
Adoption - Before considering an adoption of a new kitten, it is recommended that you first look at his future living space before anything else.
Check the space for anything that might put your kitten's life in jeopardy.
Examples of this might be loose electrical wiring, chemicals under the cabinets, and others things alike.
General Care - To check for lumps or bumps, place both hands over its head and move slowly down the chin, and then behind the front legs right under the shoulders, move over down the back, to the hips and finally go down the hind legs.
Whatever the hair may be, long or short, wavy or straight, either way it should be glossy.
Hair must not be dull nor greasy.
If his or her fur separates into sections of spikes, then that might be a sign of a dietary deficiency which requires you to a trip to your vet.
Ears - Ears might be a nest for moisture and bacteria.
To ensure that nothing else ever exists in there, clean the ears with baby oil moistened cotton ball by wiping the cotton in a circular motion.
Do not get inside the ears but clean only on the front and outer part.
Convalescing - The best method of convalescing is by tempting with a meal of white fish.
A cat with a poor appetite often cannot refuse this.
However, you should never ever feed him or her any kind of raw fish though.
Poach the fish first or steam it then remove all bones before serving.

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