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A smile makeover can drastically change your look by correcting several dental problems and leaving you with a beautiful, natural looking smile. Smile makeovers generally involve at least one cosmetic dentistry procedure, and often make use of a combination of procedures to best correct your smile. Each one is unique, because each of us has a unique set of teeth.

What can a smile makeover fix?

· Missing teeth
· Spaces between teeth
· Cracked teeth
· Flawed gum line
· Stained teeth
· Crooked teeth
· Broken teeth
· Chipped teeth
· Worn teeth

Possible treatments in a smile makeover

· Porcelain crowns
· Tooth whitening
· Dentures or partials
· Dental implants
· Tooth bonding
· Porcelain inlays and onlays
· Tooth-colored/white fillings
· Porcelain veneers

Commonly used smile makeover treatments

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental porcelain, custom fitted by a cosmetic dentist and permanently bonded to the front side of each tooth. They are one of the most popular and effective ways to correct stained, chipped, or slightly crooked teeth. Since porcelain veneers look completely natural, they are nearly impossible to distinguish. In fact, many of Hollywood's leading men and women have porcelain veneers – and even if you look closely, you can't tell.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening can be performed in-office or at home.

Dr. Sands, an experienced cosmetic dentist in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, California, provides at home tooth whitening kits for his famous and non-famous patients and makes these remarks about it:

"Whitening your teeth in your own home might feel more comfortable and relaxed. I would mold a pair of customized mouth trays for your teeth and give you professional-strength whitening gel. You can choose a stronger gel or a moderate one. Just put a little of it in the trays and wear them for an hour or so during the day, or at night while you sleep. You'll see your teeth becoming progressively whiter day by day.

If you'd prefer to have the whitening done in-office, you'll be walking out 90 minutes later with dramatically whiter teeth! Dr. Sands uses the BriteSmile system, which gives long-lasting results. The procedure involves applying a special gel to the teeth which becomes active when laser heat is applied to it. This form of whitening results in teeth that are six to ten shades whiter in one treatment.

White Fillings

Sometimes referred to as composite restorations or tooth-colored fillings, white fillings are matched to the color of your teeth. As with traditional metal fillings, white fillings are used to restore decayed teeth and repair defects. But unlike metal fillings, they are virtually impossible to detect, pose no threat to your health, and strengthen the tooth they fill.

With a vast array of dental procedures to choose from, there is no need to suffer embarrassment or poor-health from any dental imperfection. A complete smile makeover can change how you look and feel about yourself forever – all it takes is a visit to an experienced cosmetic dentist.

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