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How to Build a Bar at Home

    • 1). Lay the foundation for your bar. Lay out a rectangle of 2-by-4s on your floor to measure 6 feet long by 10 inches wide. Put a good, heavy zig-zag of glue beneath each board, and press them down firmly. If you are placing the bar near a wall, be sure there is room to fit behind it, because you will not be able to move it when you are done.

    • 2). Stabilize your foundation. Using the 3-inch self-threading screws, screw that rectangle down to the floor. This will be your base.

    • 3). Create your frame. Building upwards, glue and screw the 4-foot uprights to the floor board base on the outside of the corners.

    • 4). Build the bottom of your bar. On the inside of the uprights, make another rectangle which will be exactly the same size as the one on the floor. Using screws and screw gun, glue and screw it into place

    • 5). Stabilize your frame with plywood. At every 24 inches inside of this frame, glue and screw down a piece of plywood to the floor, up and down, and flush with the top. These will be additional supports to make your bar solid and sturdy.

    • 6). Prepare your decorative wood to surround the bar frame. Using the saw and plywood blade, cut the decorative plywood sheet to fit the front and both sides. Use a measuring tape to make sure that each plywood piece conforms to the measurements of each side.

    • 7). Fix the decorative plywood sheets to the outside of the frame. Glue and screw them into place. Use a screw at least every 12 inches, and wipe off any excess adhesive.

    • 8). Fit corner molding to all edges. If your molding is longer than the bar is tall, saw off lengths of the molding before applying glue to the inside of the corners, then secure them with nails every 12 inches or so.

    • 9). Top off your bar. Place the 3 inch by 12 inch oak board on the top and line it up using your tape measure. It should have an equal over hang on every side.

    • 10

      Screw the top of the bar into place. Using the 4-inch screws, attach the oak top from the bottom, putting about 3 screws on each side, and then the other 6 equidistant along the front.

    • 11

      Install shelves. Using the 2-inch screws, screw the shelf brackets to the inside of the 24-inch supports. Cut your piece of 1/2-inch plywood to fit, and then lay it on the shelf brackets inside. Screw it down with 1/2-inch screws. This will be your beverage shelf.

    • 12

      Finish the bar to your taste. Finishing is up to you. Get a high quality finish of your choice of color, or go natural if you prefer. Now, you have a gorgeous home bar to entertain guests.

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