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Rachael Zoe Reinvents Herself

Rachel Zoe is known for two things, her incredible sense of style and her humorous way of speaking. Mostly known as a celebrity stylist Rachael Zoe made a splash into mainstream media when Bravo TV launched her hit reality tv show €The Rachel Zoe Project€.

Rachel Zoe instantly became a star as soon as her tv show hit the air waves. People adored the dialogue between her and her always dramatic staff. What fans of the show loved most was of the comic use of phrases and words on the show. These expressions became known as Zoe-ism. Some of the most popular Zoe-ism are €shut the front door€, €literally bananas€, €I die €. An example of a sentence using these phrases would be "omg that dress is bananas! I die. Blaike. I die. Seriously if Jo wears this she would totally shut it down." These phrases and figures of speech have become vernacular for her many fans and has spread beyond her show where you can hear such phrases from celebrities to comics alike.

Not all things are comedic about RZ's reality show. The show took us deep into the world of a high end fashion stylist and all the struggles and the work that it takes to dress primadonna celebrities. The fast pace and high stress involved in such demanding field led to several major shake ups in Rachel Zoe' staff and reality show. Taylor and Brad both extremely popular staff members left Rachel Zoe in dramatic episodes, portraying Rachel as being vulnerable and showing an emotional side to her that we rarely glimpse upon.

On the home front, things are not much easier; Rachel Zoe's family and husband really pushed her into starting a family. Something that RZ seemed both afraid of and not ready for.

Though often throughout the show it seemed that Rachel was not willing or ready to become a mom it was announced between seasons that Rachel Zoe does in fact get pregnant and is now a mother. Future seasons of €The Rachel Zoe Project €will follow RZ as she struggles balancing the fashion world with being a new mom. This is going to be literally bananas

For those who love RZ's sense of style you are in luck. This year she finally launched her long awaited fashion line that will be available online and in higher end department stores. The line is both fashionable and affordable, making her great sense of style and fashion attainable for most of her fans.

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