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Why Photo Booth Rentals In Cincinnati Are Smiley Photo Booths

We use Canon HDSLR cameras that are 12.2 mega pixels. This means that the photos are huge and if you wish you can shop our gallery store and have them put on anything you can imagine or blow them up to poster size. We use DNP Dye Sublimation printers that create fast, dry, & smudgeless coated On Demand prints. We also create a custom banner for the side of your photos & photo booth prompts.

Everything is inclusive, there are no hidden charges or silly fees like idle time, charging for props and the photo banner. (Idle time Really!!!) Deciding 4 or 5 hours rental and a duplicate photo album with a copy of all the prints are your only available options.

Not only do you get prints on demand but one week after the event you will receive DVDs with all the prints, slideshow & PC screensaver to share. We will also provide an online gallery with password protection and free hosting for the screensaver download link.

Two smiley attendants will arrive early to set up your custom Smiley Photo Booth with tons of cool free props and provide a fun, social & memorable photography session for you and your guests. You are getting the highest quality Photo Booth experience available in Cincinnati. You & your guests will remember this for years to come as the coolest thing that happened at your party. Please fill out the book us form & get started.

Combining our Canon HDSLR Camera, Hollywood Software, Extra Large Custom Booth, Tons of Free Props and our New Fotolusio Printer creates the Best Photo Booth around. Dont let the Introductory Low Price fool you, this is not a small closet booth with a webcam and a home pc printer. We look forward to creating the best Photo Booth experience for you and your guests, bar none!

It only takes seconds to print a HD photograph and the shooting is non-stop. We will upload prints to our Facebook album and our custom website gallery. We will create a HD slideshow DVD with royalty free music that plays in your home DVD player & also make a PC screensaver for you. We have the latest and greatest technology that is second to none. Congratulations on selecting the best photo booth in town!

We have the best of the best Dye Sublimation event printers available. Its a one foot cube of high technology weighing in at 40 lbs. It can print 4 HD 46 photos a minute. This is great for small or large venues and can pump out up to 240 photos an hour with NO guests waiting. With a capacity of 700 photos to a roll we eliminate wasted paper & ink loading time. We can print photos in 26, 46, *57, and *68 inches. We highly recommend the 46 size with 4 big pictures and larger side banner. For *57 or *68 photos add $250 to the deposit and call us for the special upgrade page.

Photo Booth Rental Cincinnati Unlimited On Demand 4x6 Photographs for Weddings & Private Parties. High Quality & Low Price Call 513.286.3006

Everything is included in this photo booth, there are no hidden fees or silly charges like idle time, charging for props or the photo banner. Deciding on a 4 or 5 hour rental and a duplicate photo album with a copy of all the prints is your only available options, this is only $100 more it is called the Deluxe package. The Premium package is 5 hours rental with a duplicate photo album. For larger size photos in *57 or *68 add $250 to the deposit & call us for the special payment page.

This is the largest photo booth in Cincinnati! It is 7'x5'x7' drenched in black paisley drapes & fits 2-12 persons. Inside is a very comfortable chest with a 3" cushion that seats 3-4. Around the sides and back of the bench is enough room for 7-8 standing guests. We zoom in & out so every shot will be framed for a perfect photo. Soft lighting illuminates the guests against the black background & the floor has nice carpet to make things comfy. We are handicap friendly and can easily accommodate wheelchairs. Mix in a bunch of cool free props like big glasses, goofy hats, mustaches, signs & boas and the fun begins. Our Green Screen option is coming soon!

We are currently offering a $100 discount on all our Smiley Photo Booth payment plans. The Classic package is only $499 for 4 hours of unlimited photos and no duplicates. The Deluxe package is also 4 hours but with a duplicate photo album for $100 more. The Premium package is 5 hours of unlimited photos and a duplicate photo album.

Dont be fooled by this Introductory Low Price! this is not a small closet photo booth with a webcam and a " pc printer". This is the nicest, coolest and most high tech photo booth in town, it will look & perform well in any party environment:) The price will be increasing soon so book us now and save money. Please fill out the "Book Us" form before purchasing.

We are a Local Cincinnati company servicing the Tri-State area. We travel 120 miles in any direction from the center of town with no trip fees. We will cover Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. We like what we do and it shows in our enthusiasm. We only have one booth and its booked constantly, so hurry up already and fill out the Book Us form and see if we are available for you. We recommend 6-12 months advanced booking for best results, but we have been known to pull off a lot of short notice gigs too, so please do inquire. Call us @ 513.286.3006

It took over one year of very hard work to create the "Smiley Photo Booth Project", we hope you enjoy it as much as we do:) We can think of no greater joy than your praise. We need testimonials from you so please take a minute and click the HEART on the "MyWedding" site & leave a "Love Note" . You can also comment & like us on our Facebook page. Thank you:)

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to reserve a date. Balance is due no later than 30 days prior to event. If you are reserving short notice payment in full is required. You can pay your deposit, balance, or pay in full. Please select the correct drop-down menu item . Before purchasing please fill out the Book Us form @

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