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Herbal Cure for a Urinary Tract Infection

    Herbs You May Not Have Heard Of

    • Goldenseal and Oregon grape are two herbs not commonly known that have natural healing agents in them. They both contain alkaloids, one of which is berberine, that kill bacteria to eliminate the infection. They also have the ability to stimulate the immune system so your body can respond to a bacterial invasion with more ease and strength. One last attribute they have is he ability to prevent harmful bacteria from attaching to your bladder wall, so they cannot continue to multiply. When you urinate, the bacteria should simply flush right out of your system.

      Uva ursi is another herb used to treat urinary tract infections, mostly common in Europe as an herbal treatment. Arbutin is a compound found in uva ursi that converts itself into a bacteria-killing element all on its own. For arbutin to be effective, alkaline urine, or having a pH level higher than 7, is needed. Cranberry juice, which is what doctors tell you to drink to keep your kidneys healthy and prevent bacteria buildup, does sometimes affect your pH level if you drink too much of it. If you drink more than the recommended 16 oz. of cranberry juice per day, your pH level will become too acidic and therefore cancel out the ability of arbutin to kill harmful bacteria.

      A boiled combination of lotus petals and pink rose buds does not cure UTIs, but it does allow your urine to flow more easily and with less pain if you have an infection. Drinking one ounce of the mixture three times a day while the infection is still present will at least relieve some of the pain and discomfort associated with the infection.


    • Herbs that have diuretic properties help increase the amount of urine your body produces. That will cause you to urinate more often and in larger quantities, so you can flush out the bacteria causing your UTI. Hydrangea and dandelion leaves are just a few diuretic herbs. Parsley is another herb that aids in curing UTIs; it also has anti-inflammatory agents that help prevent your bladder and kidneys form becoming inflamed.

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