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List of Fruits & Vegetables That Are Good for the African Grey Parrot

    Most Produce is Good

    • Most produce is good for African Grey parrots. Since fruits can contain a lot of sugar, it is better to give them more vegetables than fruits. Fruit can be an excellent treat or a reward for good behavior. Properly wash anything you give your parrot and make sure it's free of any mold or decay. If you wouldn't eat something yourself, don't give it to your bird.

    Go Organic If Possible

    • While it is by no means necessary to buy organic produce for your parent, it may be a good idea. African Greys are not large birds, and even traces of pesticide or other chemicals may be hard on their systems.

    Avoid These Foods

    • Never give parrots avocado. It is toxic to them.Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

      There are no foods which are specifically bad for African Greys, but there are some foods which all parrot owners should avoid giving to their birds, as they are toxic for parrots. Parrots should never be given avocado, rhubarb, raw onions or chocolate. If you are giving your parrots a prepared mix, make sure none of these ingredients are present. Of course, parrots should avoid sugary or salted foods as a general rule, but these are not likely to cause a toxic reaction.

    Especially Good Foods

    Getting Them to Eat Their Veggies

    • Like anyone else, your bird will have its own individual likes and dislikes. Experiment to see which fruits and vegetables your bird likes best, and how it prefers to eat them. A bird which refuses to touch a certain vegetable in a bowl may love to eat it off of a skewer. If your African Grey suddenly seems unenthusiastic about a formerly favorite food, try substituting something else for a few weeks and then offer it again. Parrots appreciate some variety in their diet just like everyone else.

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