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Auto Auctions and Bargains

Looking for a new or used car at a bargain basement prices is hard.
More people may they be American, Canadian, British, etc are turning their backs on car lots and ascending on public auctions.
What they are finding is vast selections of different vehicles, at astonishing low prices.
There is also an adrenalin factor involved when in pursuit of an auto and winning the auction.
The extremely hard part is finding the right auction site for you.
Seized car auctions should not be overlooked.
The cars available at these types of auctions have been seized by either the police or the government due to possible illegal activity, or by means of repossession.
Most of these cars are selling in the region of 75% less than face value.
This is because the government does not want to hold onto them due to maintenance and storage costs.
With all types of auctions you have to be careful and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages involved.
It is a risk but if you are on top of it, you may be able to find a genuine diamond.
One of the problems with auctions is that you are not able to test drive them, you can start them but that does not give feel of the car.
In an ideal situation we would all be mechanics, however we are not, so if you have second best and a friend is a mechanic let them help.
Some auctions are unadvertised as the auctioneers do not want loads of people descending on them all at once.
It is possible to join websites that will notify you of the next event and if it's in a suitable location to where you reside.
Auctions are taking place all the time, so having one crop up in an area near you will not take long.
Having this information is priceless when it comes to changing or updating your current car and it can save you a substantial amount of money.

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