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Mirror Ball - On the Go!

Mirror balls possess a lengthy background of use within the songs and dance business as being an accenting decoration. Also called a disco ball or glitter ball, mirror balls are spheres that reflect light into many unique instructions utilizing many mirrored surfaces. They typically rotate on the vertical axis and therefore are illuminated by stationary lighting put near the ball alone.


The first mirror balls were released into nightclubs during the 1920s. As part from the general themes with the Roaring 20s, these balls were observed as being a well-liked accent to performing artists for example dancers and musicians.


Throughout the 1930s and 40s, mirror balls were often seen in movies like a representation of glamour and glitz. They accompanied the large-scale dance numbers noticed in quite a few movies with the era. Importance The 1970s were the heyday with the mirror ball. Adopted through the disco tradition, these devices were synonymous with the nightclubs and had been generally employed with other features such as fog machines and strobe lights.


Right after the 1970s, disco balls began to be seen more as a novelty. Mirror ball styles were utilised as Xmas tree ornaments and dangling ornaments to be hung in the rear-view mirror of a automobile.

Fun Reality

The rock band Pink Floyd set a report in 1994 on its globe tour by presenting the largest disco ball in background. It measured 16 feet in diameter. Madonna also featured a mirror ball on her 2006 tour produced of Swarovski crystal worth $2 million. What are now sometimes known as "disco balls" had been first widely used in nightclubs in the 1920s.

They were already in existence and use prior to then, appearing in a description of a ballroom dance in 1897 in Boston. An early instance can be noticed inside the nightclub sequence of Berlin: Die Sinfonie der GroƟstadt, a German silent film from 1927. Inside the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, these products were a regular piece of equipment in discotheques, and by the end with the twentieth century, the title "disco ball" had grown fairly well-liked. Miniature glitter balls are available as novelties and used for a number of decorative functions, including dangling through the rear-view mirror of a vehicle or Xmas tree ornaments. Glitter balls may have inspired a homemade edition in the mirror ball, the American outsider craft of creating ornamental light balls out of Christmas lights and plastic cups. The UK TV sequence Strictly Come Dancing awards competition winners a "Glitter Ball Trophy".

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