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Theme Ideas for a 10 Year High School Reunion

    School Colors

    • A very simple theme for the reunion could be based on your school's colors. These colors could be incorporated into the decorations in the form of centerpieces, garland, banners and balloons. If your school's colors are contrasting, this can make a dramatic statement in wall decor. For example, if the school's colors are blue and orange, you can alternate blue and orange strips of butcher paper to create a focal wall for the event. On the invitations, encourage guests to come dressed in school colors to show their school pride.

    10 Years Ago

    • Another theme calls back to your graduating year. Encourage guests to come in attire they would have worn in high school. Decorate the event in signs of the year you graduated. On the tables, as centerpieces or place markers, you can have noisemakers that proudly display the graduating year written on the side. You could make a video reel of world events from the year the class graduated, spliced with photos and video from your high school experience. Because music and dancing will likely be one of the main activities from the evening, the song list could be all the hits from your graduating year that will remind graduates of a simpler time.

    Hawaiian Luau/Tiki Party

    • This party theme works especially well for outdoor events where you want to create a tropical atmosphere for the reunion guests. Accent the room in bright colors, such as red, yellow, blue and green, in the form of streamers, balloons, banners and decorative centerpieces. You can also use these colors for the tablecloths and tableware. As guests enter, give everyone a lei or even a hula skirt as an ice breaker and to introduce the party theme. Suggest Hawaiian-themed clothing on the invitations.

    Around the World

    • Many graduates will be coming from all over the world to attend their 10 year class reunion. One theme could draw on this fact for inspiration. For example, create a focal wall that features pictures from places all over the globe. If you have access to the party guest's contact information, you can even put photos of the guests near the region where they currently live.

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