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How to Make Your Own Smoothie With Kenwood Sb206 Smoothie Maker

There is a great feel of making your own smoothie drinks and every types of shakes.
Many of us have our own taste and preference of making a smoothie.
So get your own ingredients and a smoothie blender together.
Kenwood Sb206 smoothie maker is a very easy to use machine and it is very convenient to clean afterwards because of the appearance of it.
The machine can blend ice and frozen fruits together which are needed to attain a perfect smoothie drink.
Now let's conceive of a nice recipe.
Raspberry and cranberry with sugar and the white part of the egg mixes a very delicious fruity cocktail.
So let's start with 250 ml of raspberry and aforementioned of cranberry, 50 ml of sugar syrup and approximately 50 ml of egg white.
With every this things don't forget to have your ice ready.
Now put every of these ingredients and ice in the kenwood sb206 smoothie maker and start combining them.
Please be sure that you lock the lid properly before start blending.
Kenwood sb206 has the capability to contain 1.
5 litres.
So bear this in mind when deciding your fruit mix.
This blender has Rubber feet wage good grip and stability.
So it is easier for you to keep the hold of it.
After you finish combining them give a gorgeous look.
Psychologically we tend to like a food or drink more if it looks nice.
So here is your turn to bump up the taste by adding some dressing to it.
A nice umbrella or a nice slice of orange would go with it nice.
Kenwood sb206 smoothie maker comes with a recipe book where you can find all the info.

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