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How to Install Windows XP on an HP Vista Laptop

    • 1). Insert your Windows XP installation disk into the CD drive and reboot the computer.

    • 2). Press any key when indicated by the start-up messages to boot from the CD.

    • 3). Press "Enter" at the Windows installation screen to begin the install process.

    • 4). Hit "F8" to agree to the licensing agreement.

    • 5). Select the larger of the two partitions within your HP laptop to install Windows XP. Format this partition using the NTFS file system, which is a way of organizing the files on the disk so they can be found by your computer.

    • 6). Follow the remainder of the onscreen instructions to complete the installation procedure. This includes inputting your product ID number, your computer's name, the date and time and information about your Internet connection.

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