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Robot Chicken - Rude and Irreverent

Those in the know, know Seth Green - former child actor turned thespian extraordinaire.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me; Goldmember; Weird Science; Batman Beyond: The Movie; The Italian Job; are just a few of his movie credits that begin when he was ten years old with a staring role as 'Egg' Berry in The Hotel New Hampshire.
Jodie Foster's Production Company Egg Pictures is named after his character.
Television has been the mainstay of a career that combines actor, writer, director and producer to his professional credits.
Mad TV; Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Will & Grace; Sesame Street; That 70's Show; The Drew Carey Show; are a few from an enormous list of roles that prove this guy is in demand.
Always has been.
Green is the man responsible for one of the most overused catchphrases in the lexicon of 90's slanguage.
He appeared in a Rally's Burger commercial as the objectionable drive-through cashier who's repetitious line "Cha-Ching" became a part of pop culture.
He's picked up a lot along the way in his many and varied roles and offers it up in his new creation, 'Robot Chicken', a twelve minute show that is cutting edge satire, skewering all things sacred in movies, television, music and, in particular, celebrities.
A host of celebrities themselves join the show and the fun - lending their voices to on-going characters who diss themselves in the spastic comedy vignettes that move along so fast you are laughing at the last one while the new one pops into view.
The stop-motion animation combined with the frenetic pacing of action figures - some of whom represent the best-loved icons of really bad television- blend together in a miasma of extreme satirical silliness that is at once hypnotic and hilarious.
You can't not watch it! If there is anything to object about in this irreverent and impertinent comedy show, it could only be that 12 minutes is not enough for most of those who are addicted.
For sheer and simple entertainment - it doesn't get much better.
Catch it on the Cartoon Network.
Check your local listings.

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