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How to Automatically Download Your Favorite TV Programs

    • 1). Select a downloading software. The specific software will differ based on personal preferences and the type of video download preferred for the computer system. For example, a bit-torrent user would need a bit-torrent downloading software while those that prefer downloading to an iPod would need the appropriate program for an automatic iPod download.

    • 2). Open the software. The exact format of any software will differ based on the specific software and its design. Look for the "Add RSS Feed" button or a similar button that adds the website or download site. Click the button.

    • 3). Add the website to download when prompted. Fill in the web address and check that the option "Do Not Automatically Download" is selected. The point is to download favorite shows rather than all of the shows.

    • 4). Select the website or RSS feed on the screen to open the available shows for downloading. Right-click on the preferred show or shows and add them to the favorites list in the software.

    • 5). Fill in the requested information about the show when prompted. For example, fill in the season and episodes to automatically download as they come to the downloading site.

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