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Mayoral Duties: Why Your City Mayor Has An Important Job

Although you might not really realize it if your city is actually run efficiently, the duties of your local mayor are quite vital to the well-being of you and your neighbors.
Although local government usually doesn't affect the lives of its residents much, the fact of the matter is that your elected mayor is the lead person in charge of making sure that your utilities, streets, and other government services are in tip-top shape.
That's one of the reasons why it's always so important to make sure that you choose the most professional, experienced candidate for the Mayor's office whenever there is an election.
In most cities and towns, the mayor has a four-year term, which means he or she will be up for re-election every four election cycles.
Make sure that you do as much research as you can about the qualifications and temperament of the candidates who are running before you make a decision.
A lot of residents don't fully understand the duties and relationships that exist between a mayor and the members of the city council.
City council is a legislative body, and it makes decisions on passing new city ordinances, changing existing ordinances, approving new city hires, the handling of City accounts, etc.
The mayor, on the other hand, is an administrator, and it is his or her duty to administer the current city ordinances and make sure that the city runs effectively day-to-day.
The mayor also often is in charge of appointing members of his administration (with the final approval of the city council).
In some cities, the mayor can appoint a safety service director, a law director, an auditor and a treasurer.
In still other cities, those positions are not appointed, but elected by a vote of the populace.

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