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How to Take Pictures at Night

Album with hundreds or thousands of photos from a trip is not complete if you like some pictures are not done at night.
Castles, beautifully lit buildings, alleys, historic monuments, have a totally different charm caught in a fragment of light.
The problem with these photos is that the most times the pictures get blurry.
That if you are already a photographer with an enviable portfolio.
Pictures taken at night are generally enrolled in two categories: those blurred or have a spot of light from the flash that sometimes we can catch a face or a lost statue.
Very few are really successful.
And yet, with a little patience, you can come home with that trophy of amateur photographer: still the best picture made at night.
How to proceed? The flash does not help very much but plan to make photos near the back and everything disappears.
For a general plan, the first thing you need to do is to disable the flash.
It should be easy to make, regardless of device or camera that you have.
The key to successful pictures in low light is the exposure time.
The device needs more time to "absorb" the information and compose the picture.
If a photograph taken during the day 1 / 500 of a second is enough time for a camera to take the information they need due to insufficient quantity of light at night, depending on how enlightened or not the to be photographed, may be needed at least a half-second or 30 seconds.
But it seems a little big.
Mean of 250 to 7500 for longer than necessary during the day.
Well, during exposure, the device also takes information brought to light a film image frame and compose the final picture.
Therefore, any movement of the objective means other overlapping frames results in the effect of blurring or moving picture.
Thus, at the next thing to remember is that the unit can remain fixed, motionless, for a sufficient period.
And no matter how hard you try, a picture made with handheld device has little chance of success.

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