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Private Investigator Careers - Subpoena Service

Serving subpoenas for a living is a niche for private investigators that does not require a PI license.
However, many of the skills that private investigators use are also used by PI's who serve subpoenas.
Earning a good income in subpoena service is possible.
Volume and efficiency are the keys to making good money in this exciting niche of a private investigator.
If you want to earn six figures in this business, you will need to have you own subpoena service firm or your own private investigator company.
In general, the server earns money by the number of "papers" he serves.
Sometimes, the fee for this service is very low.
One might be serving large businesses and registered agents for big businesses where the subpoenas are not difficult to serve.
A private investigator might have to serve ten subpoenas all at once.
Although the fee per paper is low, having enough volume can still put food on the table of a private detective.
Efficiency is the second key to earning money in subpoena service.
Frequently, the sheriff's office is not very efficient in serving subpoenas due to the already existing workload they have in other aspects of law enforcement.
A private investigator can charge from $30 to $70 for his service and provide quicker turnaround time than the sheriff's office.
By using today's wireless technology to serve subpoenas, a private investigator can increase the level of service to his client.
Any private detective who does not embrace technology will be left in the dark.
A good private eye must get comfortable with wireless technology so that he can out gun his own competition.

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