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Watch your assets while on vacation this summer with Home Automation

Ever wonder what's going on in and around your home while trying to relax on a much needed vacation. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing but we can't help but to worry about our home and possessions. We worry about burglars, fires, weather, and wasting electricity, among other things. If you're lucky you'll have a neighbor you can trust that you can call to check in on things for you, but most of us don't.

Today's technologies can relieve, if not eliminate, the need to worry so much while far away from home. Today's home automation options are like the things we saw in science fiction movies when we were kids but are very real today. They enable us to control, automate, and monitor our home from virtually anywhere in the world.

Imagine seeing what's going on in your backyard at night while vacationing in Hawaii. Imagine the relief of knowing that the storm that blew through your community the night before didn't cause damage to your home. And if anything ever does happen to your home while you're away, your home can alert you to let you know.

All of these things are possible and much more affordable than you think. With the advancements in X10 technology and home automation, now anyone can have the luxury of keeping an eye on their assets, no matter how far away from their home they are, via an internet connection and a software tool.

One useful software tool is Vanguard [http://www.thehomeautomationstore.com/x10cam-11.html], which was developed specifically for X10 products so it works perfectly with x10 cameras [http://www.thehomeautomationstore.com/x10cam-11.html], modules [http://www.thehomeautomationstore.com/x10cam-11.html], and transceivers [http://www.thehomeautomationstore.com/x10cam-11.html]. Vanguard allows you to view and control x10 cameras at home via the internet. You can even pan and tilt your cameras to sweep across your yard or inside your house. It's pretty neat what you can do with it. Most importantly is that it brings a sense of comfort knowing that you can keep an eye on your assets while away on vacation, which is supposed to be time to relax.

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