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How to Find the Perfect Hair Style

The last thing you want to do after you get a haircut is to hide from people.
Unless you are a fan of outrageous cuts or styles that would send other people into hiding, you would want to get that perfect hairstyle that will give you confidence to take on the world.
Now, before you go to a salon, or grab a pair of hair scissors and give yourself a haircut, here is a checklist of things to consider to help you find that perfect hairstyle.
oShape of the face People with oval shaped faces look great on short-layered haircuts that emphasize the chin or the check bones.
Those with square shaped faces should go for a lighter look such as spiky hair or long flowing layers.
Round shaped faces must opt to have styles that have soft gradual layers to make the face look less round.
oSkin tone The color of the skin is an important consideration if you are planning to get a new color for your hair.
Those who have a yellowish complexion, it would be wise to stay away from tones of deep gold while those with pinkish skin should avoid strawberry colors.
Dark colors are not ideal for people who have very light complexion because these can make them look even paler.
oHair type The texture and pattern of your hair also play a role in looking for that perfect hairstyle.
You have the option to play the genetic nature of your hair, go for a nice curly hairstyle if you have natural curly locks.
Or you can also go for a radical change like transform your hair from black to blonde or straight to curly.
oYour lifestyle Your crowning glory should not only be a reflection of your personality but should also be practical for the kind of lifestyle that you live.
A high maintenance gorgeous do is great if you are in the fashion world or if you are a TV personality but if you are a busy mom who is always on the go, it would make sense for you to get a hairstyle that you can wash and wear.
oFashion trend It is always a good idea to consult with fashion magazines and experts to see what is hot in terms of hairstyles.
This is not to say that it is all right to follow whatever hair trend is going on because you have to remember that not all fashion trends will fit you well.
Just consider some of those that are in fashion to give you an idea on what to get for yourself.
oAge and personal style Your hair should be something that you can comfortably wear so it is smart to consider both your age and personal style when choosing a hairstyle.
Sometimes, it would tempt you to grab those hair scissors and give yourself a wild haircut that young people don these days.
But you have to ask yourself if this is suitable for your age as well as your personal style or not.
Finding the right hairstyle is not always easy.
There are just too many things to consider and sometimes there are really nice hairstyles that look hideous on us.
We discover that when it is already too late.
Avoid this scenario by considering all the factors that were mentioned in this article.

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