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The Secrets of How To Attract Hot Women and The Art Of “The Take Away”

Just one of the methods successfully employed to attract hot women is finding out what they want and simply giving it to them. Fair enough, right?But that begs a question. How do I know what a woman wants unless I'm a mind reader? I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest that that has been expected of you from more than one woman.Sounds pretty simple, right? Listen, if you don't know she isn't going to tell you and besides simply asking the question puts you in the "wimp" category. That's a tough label to shed.I can hear you asking," How do I send the message that I'm a gut that "just gets it?" How can I exude that kind of confidence without coming off like a tool?It's a very fine line you think you have to walk in the fine art of pickup and seduction tips.The key lies in human psychology. Human nature is at work just like it always is no matter how unique we think we may be as individuals. Sure there are differences between us as opposite sexes. But I think an often ignored aspect of the secrets of attraction is the similarities we share. It's the common ground we seek here. Folks is folks, if you will.A case in point here is a technique when utilized in the right way will increase your chances of getting her phone number or getting that second date. Would you like to increase your chances of success by half? I thought so. In our attempt to sexually attract hot women I'll introduce "The Take Away" It's a term salesperson's use but I'm going to adopt it here to our purposes. In short you're simply using subliminal seduction in the form of a very basic human psychological principle. In sales it when the salesperson leads the prospect to believe that he or she may not be able to get what may be offered. We naturally want what we think is being denied us. What we're going to do is not quite that brash. In this context the take away will be to eliminate or greatly reduce the chance of the negative option being "taken". In a way it could be called ""Subliminal Seduction"".When an individual if presented with only a single choice, the natural impulse is to feel somewhat trapped and to reject the entire proposition, at least breaking even. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, or lost for that matter.Here is a case in point in using the Take Away. If presented with two or more options an individual will start to feel like they have genuine choices. People like having options and instead of the chance of a simple "yes or no" answer, the questions we want to be proposing are more open ended.In displaying a respect for someone's intellectual freedom, you've automatically created a low pressure situation. You're not boxing anyone in. People like that. Ask a salesperson. I promise you they will agree!The common technique in going for her phone number is to blatantly ask, "Can I have your phone number?" Here she has only one positive choice and one negative one. You've kind of hemmed her in here. You really didn't give her a whole lot to think about. Instead give her two or three positive options. Try it this way next time and watch your success increase:"Hey, I had a nice time tonight. You have some really nice friends. Should be swap numbers or maybe grab a bite to eat and a drink maybe Friday or Saturday?"When people feel as if they have legitimate options, things just go more smoothly.Start thinking in these terms in every aspect of your life and see what happens.

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