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Understanding How to Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy

Your body will be a sanctuary and home to a new spirit.
You will need to make some changes in order to prepare it for the needs of a baby that will develop inside your body for nine months.
Taking care of your body will help ensure the healthy growth of your baby.
Changes can happen anytime and anywhere.
The woman's body will experience maternal changes that are at first difficult to understand because they feel so extraordinary and uncomfortable.
Your changing body that was once fit and slim may begin to experience the appearance of stretch marks and darkening of skin for some, and the sensitivity to things around you are just a few of the many adjustments your body will undergo the moment a baby is conceived.
Most women find it hard to adapt to changes because they are not yet ready for the coming of the baby.
But, as a would-be mother, you have no choice but to be able to accept the alterations in the body and work hard to give yourself and the baby the comfort during pregnancy.
The pregnant body is the most important consideration of the mother.
Sensitivity to changes is a must as a mother must be conscious with the proper health care to deal with the said transformation.
Maternal changes start with the breasts as they become tender and heavier and larger.
After the absence of the menstrual flow, the breasts start to prepare for lactation.
Mornings for the pregnant woman become remarkable with what they call the morning sickness.
Here, the woman starts to feel nauseated and begin to vomit from the early weeks of pregnancy.
Moreover, you might notice that you tend to tire easily and that your need to urinate is more frequent than normal.
The latter is the result of the thickening of the lining of the uterus and the enlargement of the blood vessels to provide food for the baby.
For most women, gaining weight maybe considered the worst effect of pregnancy in their body.
Logically, weight increases as the body is about to welcome another individual inside.
Expect a 2-pound gain right after the end of the first trimester.
Maternal changes continue in the second and third trimester.
As the breast and the uterus become larger to accommodate milk producing glands and the growing baby, the eyes, the skin and even the toenails are transformed too.
This time, the nails become brittle, vision becomes blurry and skin usually glows.
The third trimester, on the other hand, is characterized by several alterations like skin pigmentation, varicose veins and increase perspiration.
To the baby, there is nothing more rewarding than having a home inside your pregnant body.
Express your joy in having the baby by taking care of yourself.
The changes occur and they happen for the good of the baby.
Find something good with the changes and see the joy beyond compare in being a mother.
Pregnancy is a nine-month journey to a more essential part of motherhood - giving birth and cuddling the baby in your arms for comfort.

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