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HP Mobile Printing Is Not Working With Citrix

    • 1). Restart your Citrix server. Sometimes, a simple restart can help in troubleshooting mobile connectivity issues.

    • 2). Check compatibility of your HP printer. Not all HP printers are supported in XenApp environments. See References for a list of printers and print drivers supported in Citrix environment. If your printer is not supported, you won't be able to perform mobile printing. Consider purchasing a printer that supports Citrix mobile printing.

    • 3). Update "HP Mobile Print Driver." An outdated driver can cause problems with mobile printing. See Resources and click "Download software" link to download the latest driver on your computer. Choose your operating system to proceed with the download. You will need administrative rights to install the driver. Once the download is complete, follow on-screen guided prompts, which may differ from one operating system to another, to finish the installation.

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