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About the 2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe


    • Hyundai started importing its cars to the U.S. 24 years ago. For a while, the cars were considered low cost and low quality. Over time, however, Hyundai has proven that its models are durable and up to the quality of their peers, such as the American heavyweights as well as Japanese competitors. In the past 10 years, Hyundai underwent what some have termed a renaissance in transforming its image and products into sterling quality cars that have challenged the competition. During the recent recession, Hyundai posted significant growth compared with the contraction of its Japanese and American competitors.


    • The 2009 Hyundai Genesis coupe exudes sensual curves and a smooth flowing body line. Its tight chassis hugs the ground while its swept-back design sports solid aerodynamic principles. It's a contrast to the bulky powerful bodies of the Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro, yet clearly it borrows much of its smooth looks from the Infiniti G37. Parked alongside each other you might be forgiven if you mistook one for the other. There are differences between the two models, but the distinctions are subtle.


    • Inside the Genesis coupe is a relatively Spartan interior. The coupe was designed to be a sports car and is lacking in the luxurious accessories. Plastic is the order of the day, but the fit and finish is well implemented, you'll find no loose rattling. The Genesis coupe does feature a backseat, but the dimensions are cramped. Any adult over 5.5 feet will find the seats moderately uncomfortable. This is not a criticism only of the Genesis coupe, most sports cars with a back row are relatively cramped and considered more as afterthoughts than as a serious seat. The Genesis coupe's back row is serviceable, but after a long haul across the country you might lose a friend.

    Performance and Options

    • Although the base model features a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the coupe is also available in a bigger 3.8 V6 engine that delivers 306 horsepower for the raging acceleration that many crave. Although the four cylinder is peppy and offers a good compromise on gas mileage, for the maximum enjoyment go for the bigger V6.


    • The Hyundai Genesis is designed to challenge many different competitors on several different levels. Its price point makes it a prime match up against the big-block V8 Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Its styling and performance also will throw it up in comparisons with the Infiniti G37. Consumers who like the styling and performance of the G37 will be attracted to the Genesis coupe by the savings on the initial purchase price. Even the BMW 328i Coupe has something to fear from the new Genesis coupe. The Genesis is priced about $6,000 less MSRP and features an extra 76 ponies under the hood.


    • The basic model of the coupe, the 2.0T starts at $22,000 MSRP (as of 2010). There are four different trim levels on the four cylinder version with the top trim, the 2.0T Track, coming in at $26,750. The 3.8 V6 version starts at $25,000 and the top of the line model will max out at $30,500.

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