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Sony Ericsson C905 Versus Nokia 5800 Xpress Music: High End Mobile Phones With Distinctive Features

Mobile phones are one of the most innovative gifts of technology. Its true that these tiny handsets have encouraged a different culture altogether. In fact, after the surge of the cyber mania among youngsters, the mobile companies leaped in the market with a bang with latest hi-end options and computerised aspects. Infact, ever since the discovery of computers, wireless handsets have evolved tremendously.
This is because the concept of computer language is also used equally in the latest mobiles. Today's latest mobiles have multiple options like data transfer, high resolution camera, Internet etc along with basic features. Unlike the previous ones, these handsets are sleek, smart as well as light weighted. These mobile have created a craze among all sections of people. It has almost become a necessity for all. The most recent wireless phones which have attracted maximum customer interests are the Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

Both these gadgets are high end phones with distinct features. Both have stunning looks and have become a craze among everyone. The most amazing fact is both support dual 2G and 3G networks, which ensure better network connectivity and stronger roaming connections. Hence, both of these phones are best suited for travelling professionals who require good roaming facilities to stay connected, no matter, where they are. Therefore, even if you are in the hills or in remote villages in the
planes, these mobiles guarantee consistent network connectivity. Other than this, both Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music have GPRS, Bluetooth and EDGE which help in sharing multiple data with other mobiles. Each of them also have a USB port that assists in data transfer to other external devices also. Therefore, this data transfer facility will assist you to not only share videos, songs or other files with friends but will also help you to transfer data from your PC or laptop and store it in your mobile. To assist fast Internet connectivity, these handsets also have Wi-Fi facility and also have WAP browsers for an easy and fun browsing.

However, there are certain aspects which differentiate Sony Ericsson C905 from Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. The Sony would be more preferred by adults because of its formal looks with TFT display and auto rotate. On other hand, the later would be more popular among adolescents and youngsters who like to flaunt mobiles to display their style statement and cool attitude. From this point of view, Nokia would be the best choice because it flashes the perfect persona of sophistication and style. Its TFT touchscreen display with multiple stylish features like auto turn off, auto rotate and hand writing recognition have already turned it into a style icon that symbolises creative innovation. Though Sony does has an inbuilt card slot that supports upto 2 GB memory enhancement, but Nokia on the same context supports upto 16 GB memory enhancement.

What makes this Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone special is the 8 MP high resolution camera compared to the 3.2 MP camera of its counterpart Nokia handset. Hence, it would be a profitable deal to buy a Sony phone if some desires to have a high resolution mobile camera. However, on the other hand, the Nokia would be a better choice because it is lighter and is much more handy to carry. The main factor which has always made Nokia phones steal the show, is its user-friendly operation. Even a person who is using the mobiles for the first time can easily operate the handsets. Also, people have developed a strange bonding of faith that has clinged most customers to Nokia phones in spite of the launch of various other hi end phones.

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