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How do I Anchor a Privacy Screen Against The Wind?

    • 1). Measure the height and length of your privacy screen. Shop for pieces of rebar or iron rods equal in height to your screen. Purchase enough stakes to space them every 2 feet along your screen.

    • 2). Dig post holes at the base of your privacy screen spaced every 2 feet along your screen. They should be about 2 feet deep or one-third the height of the rebar.

    • 3). Place the rebar in the holes one at a time, filling dirt in around them and stamping to pack the earth in firmly around the iron stakes.

    • 4). Secure your screen to the posts by cutting pieces of wire and weaving them through your screen and around the rebar every 12 inches along the total height of the stakes. Wrap the wire several times around the rebar at each point to secure it to the screen, and twist to tie off the wire.

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