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How To Approach Women While At The Market

There are many ways to approach women. Some ways work better then others. There are many Different ideas on how to approach women based on a woman's point of view. Some ways are definite no-no's!

A woman shopping for groceries does not expect to be approached. She will react much better if she is bumped into. She has seen enough men following her, she can spot them easily. She knows how to catch a man looking at her. She knows when a man is hanging around waiting for her. She knows the signs and she knows when someone is waiting for her in the parking lot. She does not like it.

Women will think of creative ways to avoid a confrontation. They may take out the cell phones, pretending to be on a call or they may ask a store clerk to walk out with them.

Most women do not like being approached by strange men. Men that walk up to a woman asking her to be his friend are setting themselves up for disappointment. A real lady will never agree to this! She will wonder what planet he is from to ask such a question. Yet, this happens often.

A man could be deathly handsome, perfectly charming and completely datable, but flirting with a lady in earshot of watching observers is instant sabotage. A nice woman is not going to allow herself to be publicly picked up. She is not going to address to everyone watching how easy she is. A man should make sure there is no one listening before he asks for a telephone number.

Men should always try to be natural when meeting women. The idea is not to approach them. The idea is to be casual. Being friendly is a great start.

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