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The Latest Paranormal News

Hunting mythical creatures
Big cats, "extinct" songbirds, moa, native otters there's a zoo-ful of shy and mysterious creatures roaming the countryside if New Zealand's cryptozoologists are to be believed. Are they just chasing dreams or is the truth out there? Kim Knight reports. It was a dark and stormy night. OK, says Vicki Hyde, president of the New Zealand Skeptics, so it wasn't stormy. But it was dark.

And there was something out there. Big, black, bulky. Just sitting there, watching. "We stared. It stared back."..
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Losing our bottle over spirits
Vodka and whiskey are not the only spirits mixing things up at an old Upminster pub, after a paranormal team discovered spooky goings-on during an investigation last Tuesday night. Five ghost hunters from The East London Paranormal Research Society spent five hours monitoring rooms at the Masons Arms, in St Mary's Lane, using specialist video and audio recording equipment and found what they believe is a hive of spiritual activity...

Artificial intelligence cracks 4,000-year-old mystery
An ancient script that's defied generations of archaeologists has yielded some of its secrets to artificially intelligent computers. Computational analysis of symbols used 4,000 years ago by a long-lost Indus Valley civilization suggests they represent a spoken language. Some frustrated linguists thought the symbols were merely pretty pictures.

"The underlying grammatical structure seems similar to what's found in many languages," said University of Washington computer scientist Rajesh Rao...

What is the secret of the Devizes ghost room?
Room Four at the Black Swan Hotel in Devizes is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most haunted bedrooms in the country. Before taking over the Black Swan Hotel last month new proprietors Mike and Yvonne Wright were sceptical about ghosts and hauntings. But they are not so sure now after a series of uncanny events at the pub, which has a reputation for being haunted...
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Pennsylvania paranormal history bent on peculiar
Myths, mysteries and urban legends are plentifull just about everywhere, and some pieces of the country are particularly odd - like Nevada housing Area 51. Few paranormal cases are three dimensional or physical by description, as opposed to the more common apparition sightings and EVP captures. West Virginia has its Mothman creature from 1966 to 1967, something looking like a man, but with moth-like wings and large reflective red eyes. Arkansas has the Fouke Monster, a Bigfoot type creature seen in and around Fouke, Arkansas, since the 1950s - immortalized in the 1972 docudrama, Legend of Boggy Creek...

Conscious spirits: intelligent hauntings and anthropomorphism
Many paranormal groups will detail the difference between two types of hauntings-residual and intelligent. Without going into a great degree of detail, residual hauntings are like a tape recorder that periodically plays for a variety of supposed reasons, while intelligent hauntings imply some degree of consciousness and interaction with the environment, including the people that encounter them...

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