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Introduction to Japanese Cuisine

If you're new to Japanese cuisine, or simply want to learn more about this diverse style of cooking, start here by reading any of the articles below.

Japanese Ingredients

Do you know what ingredients and seasonings are used in Japanese cooking? Here are some resources of typical Japanese ingredients. You can also find a place to buy them online.

Basic Japanese Cooking Tips

Start cooking Japanese food by learning a few basic cooking tips and  terminology. Select any of the videos below to get started.  

Japanese Bento (Lunch Box) Basics

Japanese bento is a popular style of lunch that includes a variety of prepared dishes including rice, vegetables, fish, and meat. Typically, small portions of several dishes are included in a bento lunch. Explore the recipes and links below to get started on preparing your own Japanese bento. 

Japanese Drinks

Well-known Japanese drinks are green tea and sake. Learn more about these drinks as well as other popular Japanese beverages, or try a recipe to make a drink at home.

Seasonal Japanese Recipes

Japanese cuisine is heavily influenced by the distinct seasons of its country. Below you will find dishes categorized by season. Follow the links to find out what dishes are appropriate or popular for a specific season.

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