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Prostate Cancer Community Site Structure

Prostate cancer sites are available across the internet.
These sites are devoted to displaying information on a wide array of topics that fall into the category of this cancer.
These sites give patients, doctors, and others the resources that they need to understand the disease, learn about the disease and how it affects and progresses, among many other things.
These types of cancer sites are a great resource for the cancer community and should be taken advantage of.
If you have questions about risk factors, tests, the prognosis, how this cancer is diagnosed, what to expect, and so on, then you need to visit a prostate cancer community site.
Structure of the Sites A prostate cancer community site may include many different types of subject matter related to prostate cancer.
The sites can be large and overwhelming; however, they are easy to navigate, as most sites allow you to start at the beginning (what is prostate cancer? Or, what is cancer?), and then all you have to do is click on the "Next" button, page number located at the bottom of the screen, or the arrow that is located at the bottom of the screen, to be taken to the next topic.
Every site is a little bit different; however, most will walk you step-by-step through the site from the beginning to the end.
If there is a question that you have about this cancer, you will likely be able to find the information that you need somewhere on one or more of the sites.
Sometimes, there is a side menu that allows you to see the different subject matter that is available on the topic of prostate cancer.
Using the side menu, you can skip the information that you already know about or that you don't need, so as not to get overwhelmed, and go straight to the information that you have a question about.
The topics on the side menu may include: ·This cancer overview ·What is this type of cancer? ·Diagnosis ·Stages of this type of cancer ·Treatment options ·Prognosis ·Other information Under each of these categories is a subcategory that helps organize the information even further.
Subcategories may include: ·Causes ·Risk factors ·Prevention ·Tests and examinations ·Survival rate ·Statistics ·Surgery These sites are easy to navigate even though they contain large amounts of information.
Some sites even offer a section in which you can ask questions and receive answers either from other patients who have this type of cancer or from a medical professional.
The first site completely dedicated to the topic was The Prostate Info Link.
Launched in 1995, it has since been terminated, but all the information on that site was transferred to Phoenix5 another site that has continued to add to and update the information as new findings have been made.

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