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Basics Of Home Interior Decoration

To decorate your house in a very unique and stylish manner you first have to understand the basics of the interior decoration. Once you know it all you can transform the look of your home with little effort. And believe me it is so much fun to experiment when you have your basics cleared on interior decoration. Read on to know more about the basics of interior decoration.


The furniture you choose should be scaled to fit the space available. If you place oversized furniture in a small room then the room will look congested. By scaling down the furniture to fit the available space you can enjoy the functionality of the piece of furniture and at the same time the room would not look clogged up. The size of the carpet on the room"s Wood Floor should also match the dimensions, so that it does not look out of the place. For the room to look perfect you should select the right scale.


It is no fun to have every object in the room of the same size, colour or positioned in the same way. This will give a dull and boring look to the room. You should at least have one decorative piece which is the highlight of the room, like a beautiful antique floor vase placed strategically on the Hardwood Flooring or a chrome show piece placed on the mantelpiece. This helps to break the monotony of the room.


You can create interesting visual effects by having contrasting or repeating patterns. For example the colour of the cushion should match the carpet on the Wood Flooring or the
Bamboo Flooring. Repeat the colour of the curtain or on a painting hanging on the wall. This repetition of colours helps to move your eye around the room. You may also consider creating a rhythm using shapes in a similar fashion.


You can harmonise the room by including all the elements of the room to form a unifying effect. One of the best ways is by picking a theme like retro, traditional, modern, etc. where everything in the room right from the Laminate Flooring to the lightning should complement each other. You get a sense of restfulness by harmonising your home dcor.

Keep in mind the above discussed factors to decorate your home beautifully. Do not hesitate to experiment with these factorsand you are sure to get your home interior deigned gorgeously.

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