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Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Eric Larson: A Review

Erik Larson is a master of narrative historical nonfiction.
His new release, Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, is slated to release March 2015 coinciding with the anniversary of the tragic sinking of the ship.
The book examines the curious circumstances surrounding the luxury ocean liner's fate.
In the middle of World War I, the Lusitania, a British luxury ocean liner made its ill-fated voyage from New York City to waters near Ireland in 1915 despite warnings about German interference.
On board were American, Irish and British citizens, including many children.
It's captain, Thomas Turner, confident in the ship's speed and "gentlemanly strictures of warfare," sailed on.
A German U-boat silently tracked the ship.
The rest is history.
Most of us think we know this story.
After you read Dead Wake, you will learn secrets never before revealed.
Larson's book is a high-intensity page-turner, written not just as history, but also as mystery and several human-interest stories.
  • How did US President Woodrow Wilson's personal life affect his reaction to the tragedy?
  • Was a conspiracy involved between Britain and Germany?
  • How long did it take for the United States to decide that the deaths of Americans on-board called for US involvement in the war?
Dead Wake is an important read, not just because of its content.
Larson's sensitive treatment of persons involved draws the reader into the emotion before and after the incident.
The pace of the story is thrilling.
Copious notes and references document the amount of research used for this book.
Don't miss this propulsive and compulsive contribution to World War I history.
It comes highly recommended for all history and maritime lovers.
LibraryThing supplied the advance reader's copy for my unbiased review.

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