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We Are Impressed by Panty and Stocking Cosplay

We are all impressed by panty and stocking cosplay including girls and boys, small and big, sexy and cool. There is no denying that this anime cosplay is one of the sexiest series among tons of others. Due to the special character designs, there are so many sexy and beautiful cosplay dresses for us to make a good choice, in addition, other style of clothes are also there for us, such as the cute sailor uniform, the beautiful dress and the gorgeous black party dress and the like, we name it, panty and stocking has it. However, believe it or not, this anime cosplay could satify all of us because of its diversity of clothes.

When it comes to the series of Panty and Stocking (its full name is Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt), which is a Japanese anime television series, which has aroused a fashionable tendency all over the world and on the other hand countless cosplayers are addicted to this anime cosplay. As the name suggests, it centers on the two girls, actually two angels, Panty and Stocking, the blonde-haired girl and the pink-and-violet-haired Goth girl, both of them are angles and were kicked out of heaven for their bad behavior. Their beautiful long hair and the cosplay dresses are the most attractive things to girls. In addition, other characters, such as Garterbelt, Brief and Chuck and so forth possess distinctive features, including the clothes.

It is time to enjoy all the distinctive and stylish cosplay costumes now. It is a saft be that we could find all types of the clothing that are worn by the characters in the whole series. Like the white Panty Anarchy transformation cosplay dress is extremely beautiful and special, which is in the form of white top, short skirt, choker and gloves with three pink heart patterns. And the Stocking Anarchy transformation outfit is composed of white dress, neckwear, blue bowtie, belt, leg cover and wing. And there are several styles of policewoman cosplay uniforms and the elegant cosplay dresses for two of them. Besides, there are the gothic clothes for Stocking cosplay. And there are sailor attires, school uniforms and the stockings for these two girls. As for other roles, the panty and stocking Brief costume is made up of green hoodie and pants, which looks quite cool.

What is more, there are other items such as the cosplay gun, gloves and the wigs and others are also available for our show. In one word, Panty and stocking cosplay would always be popular and fashionable in the eyes of cosplayers. If we are into the characteristic style and want to taste fantastic feeling, this one would please us all.

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