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Reasons to Support the Marriage of Same Sexes

In light of the recent events of governments criminalizing and decriminalizing the marriage between same sexes, a lot of us have started to ask questions of what is right and what is wrong.
While a lot of people support the homosexual relationships, there are a considerable number of critics as well.
Take a look at some of the justifications from these conservationists and why they do not hold a strong ground:
  • The Pandora's Box will remain open if this is legalized
A number of conservationists argue that if marriage between same sexes is legalized, then polygamy, incest and bestiality will ensue.
However, these people forget to notice that the Federal Marriage Arrangement does not ban incest.
The laws which pertain to marriage as well as divorce cannot be adapted so as to include polygamous associations.
The Bill of Rights does not consider bestiality as one of the partners involved is not human.
So, this is highly illogical that the same sex marriage is going to cause all of these as well as many more horrible issues.
These problems should be tackled by passing amendments banning these occurrences, not by criminalizing two souls who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.
  • There is no legitimate purpose served
Almost all of the arguments against the same sex marriage boil down to the theme that the sanctity of marriage must be preserved or another equally lame logic that marriage is sacred and handed down by God.
As a matter of fact, government has no business trying to dole out sacred trusts on the first note.
Marriage is a secular institution and the only role played by the government is handing down the Certificate of Marriage.
It does not hold any key to anything being sacred or non-sacred.
Another important thing to note down is that, the role of the government is to protect and empower people.
All we are doing by detesting the same sex marriages is repelling our own right to be protected.
  • The homosexual marriages put a negative impact on the heterosexual marriages
A number of critics say that since such laws have been put into effect, the heterosexual marriages have declined or become unstable.
However, this must be noted that the decline in marital status amongst heterosexuals has been going on since 1960s, so, it nowhere correlates to the legalization of the same sex marriages.
Plus, for those who put forward the motion that this can cause more same sex marriages than heterosexual unions, actually, it is the opposite case.
A lot of people who are friends with lesbian and gay community, they have undergone marriage as the find it as a discriminatory practice.
They do this so as to give it a proof that they are straight even though they may be friends with a homosexual individual.
This guilty conscience can cause more married couples in the heterosexual community.
So, enforcing this amendment legally may actually make marriage more appealing to the heterosexual counterparts.
And above all, there is the ethical perspective of kindness.
I am sure; all those who adhere to the legal regulations and who advocate against same sex marriages would be the first ones to do their bit if the laws are made regarding them.

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