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How to Give a Woman Oral Sex That is So Intense She Will Claw the Walls! (3 Tips)

Women love oral sex...
if it is good or great! There are proven methods to get her so hot she cannot stand it.
Read these 3 SECRETS today! Women are waiting to get hot.
They want a break from their mundane world.
They want to scream with pleasure.
Why not try it out? 1st Tip.
Women want to be in a sexy mood and have some fun.
There's even songs about that.
Get her in the mood right now by asking her the right question.
For example, "how did I get so lucky to have you?" That's going to get her in the right mood.
She will feel flattered and pleased.
It will make her feel loved and adored.
Can you imagine a better way to get her in the mood? 2nd Tip.
After a good make out session, some nice foreplay on her breasts, and some great touching, move your finger down between her legs and tease her inner thighs.
Now get down between her legs and lick the end of her clitoris.
Now withdraw and tease her.
Go back for more.
Now tease it again.
Keep doing that until she starts trembling.
Then take her clitoris gently in your teeth and pull it.
Then slowly push your tongue inside her as you pull on her clitoris with your teeth and mouth.
She will go nuts.
3rd Tip.
After she has a nice orgasm, slide your fingers inside on her g-spot.
The middle and index fingers are your best choice.
It is located at the top, inside 2 inches, just past the pubic bone.
Give her some firm "come hither" pressure until she starts shaking.
Go back to her clitoris and start licking it just as she orgasms on the g-spot.
Tease her until shes about ready to climax again and then slide your fingers inside on her g-spot again.
Now coordinate them both so they go together.
She will start shaking, trembling, with a full-body climax.
Try some other combinations if you'd like to draw this out for hours and hours.
You can spice them up with some nice fantasies and sex games.

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