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Define Zeitgeist


    • Zeitgeist is a German word, which literally translated means "spirit" (der Geist) of the "times" (die Zeit). The English translation of the word doesn't imply as much meaning as it do the words in German. What is missing in the English translation is the understanding that Zeitgeist can only be understood in hindsight.


    • Although originating in Germany and in the German language, the word has been borrowed by many cultures, including the American.


    • According to, the concept of Zeitgeist dates back to the German Romantic, Johann Gottfried Herder. It is most often associated with German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.


    • Zeitgeist represents the dominant cultural climate of a nation, a time, and/ or an era. According to, Zeitgeist isn't static, but remains in constant flux.

    Fun Facts

    • Zeitgeist is also related to the concept of collective consciousness, which according to "has developed as a way of describing how an entire community comes together to share similar values. This can also be termed 'hive mind."

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