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Easy Ideas for your Crystal Chandelier Maintenance

You became a proud owner of a crystal chandelier. Congratulations! How relaxing it is to look at sparkling stars reflecting on your walls, ceiling, and furniture. However within the time your lighting fixtures can lose their former glitter because of the layers of dust on the crystals. It means it's time to clean them. Frequency of cleaning depends on chandelier location, type of crystal and shape of the crystal jewels.

1. Crystal needs cleaning when it appears dusty or dull. Just look at your chandelier frequently, and you'll know when to do the cleaning.
2. Every time you dust your house, take the dust from your chandelier using antistatic dust brush.
3. While dusting keep in mind that crystal pendants shouldn't beat each other – it may create invisible cracks and eventually spoil the clear structure of the crystal.
4. If you have a modern crystal chandelier you can clean it without detaching the pendants from the frame. The experts from world famous company "Schonbek" suggest: "while handling pendants, use white cotton gloves. Prepare a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol and three parts distilled water. Put it in a spray bottle. Put on your cotton gloves. Spray one glove with the solution. The other glove should be kept dry. Caress the crystal with the damp glove and wipe it immediately with the dry one".
5. Do not use packaged cleaning fluids, even if they claim to be for crystal. They may contain ammonia or other chemicals that will eventually degrade the frame finish. Specialized lighting stores can offer you to buy cleaning solutions produced by chandelier manufactures specifically for lighting fixtures cleaning. You can use them following the instructions on the package.

6. If you have a classic crystal chandelier, it's better to detach the crystal from your chandelier for cleaning. Hand-wash the crystal in lukewarm water, using mild dish soap. Rinse in clean water and dry with a soft clean cloth.
7. Draw the trim diagram or a sketch of the crystal pendants patterns of your chandelier before removing crystal. This will help you to reassemble it without difficulties.
8. Wear white gloves when re-hanging the crystal on the chandelier.
9. Do not put crystal pendants back to the chandelier while they are still wet. It may cause the corrosion of the metal parts of the frame.
10. Never twirl or rotate your chandelier. When cleaning, walk or move your ladder around your lighting fixture. Clean in sections. Rotating the chandelier could cause it or its parts to fall.
11. Do not handle crystal with bare hands. Always wear white cotton gloves. Crystal picks up fingerprints easily.
12. Always remember – crystal is a very delicate and fragile material.

Gentle care and following the instructions with precision will help you to enjoy the beauty of your crystal chandeliers, wall sconces, or floor lamps for many and many years.

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