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Misconception of Islam

Islam is a religion of hate It's quite easy to see why this misconception exists, with all the hate crime(s) around the globe being pinned on some dude wearing a turban and rocking an Osama beard, it's no wonder why we are led to believe that Islam is a religion of hate and anger.
However, quite the contrary is the case.
Regardless of how the media is pressured to portray the average Muslim, as a collective society they have always been the one's attempting to maintain the peace, while getting bombed left, right, and centre and up the ass, by the every other political/religious group on Earth.
So, if we we're to take a step back into early Islamic history, it becomes quite evident that ever since the beginning of the religion, anyone who has embraced Islam has gotten the shyt-kicked so far up their own ass that you would understand their frustration.
Around 1400 years ago, when Islam was emerging in central Arabia, with Muhammad(pbuh) as the most recent recipient of God's word since Jesus Christ, Islam was immediately under attack as soon as Muhammad attempted to deliver the word of God unto his people.
See Muhammad was in quite the sticky situation, on one side there's God telling him read read in the name of God, and here's Muhammad an illiterate person freaking out cuz he knows he can't do it.
Well the will of God must have been a powerful one because he learned how to read and write almost instantaneously.
As for the people whom he had to deliver this message to, they were off their rockers! Praying to fire, devils and demons, to statues and idols, living like a savage was the way of life back then.
But God knew what sort of task he had assigned to this man, for in his revelations to Muhammed he states that his people in the Arab peninsula were savage beasts, that lived like animals, that they we're the most corrupt and twisted society of 'men' on Earth.
So he set to work, and began the process of delivering God's message unto these savage men.
Quite the task for an average man, without any education on the matter.
Muhammad's job was a lot harder than any other prophet of God's, including Jesus.
For he had to make them believe, their faiths had to go from nothing to something, whereas those preceding him, simply had to convince their people that God had spoken to them, and that was that.
Over the course of the next 1400 years, Islam was tested time and time again.
With internal disputes and splitting of sects, none of these came without bloodshed.
However, the Quran specifically states that Islam is meant to be a religion of peace.
That suicide, killing, thoughts of killing are all sins in God's eye.
It was their barbaric customs of being savages that caused Islam to become corrupt with war and rage.
It was never religion, that fueled this anger it was personal issues, as well as political issues that resulted in this ongoing bloodshed.
After being bombarded by attacks, throughout millenia, Islam prevailed, and remains today as the world's fastest growing religion.
Despite attempts by other religions, political and national strategies to stop it's growth, it continues to flourish in all countries of the world.
In the United States even, it is the fastest growing religion by far.
Islam was meant to be a continuation, of the religion of God.
The same religion of the Jews, of the Christians, and of Hindu's as well.
Only in the Quran does it state that today I have perfected your religion, and that its name shall be Islam.
In order to be a Muslim, you must accept the word of God, including the Torah, The Psalms, The Bible, and the Quran.
You must accept that over the millenia, God sent 124,000 prophets to lead mankind to salvation.
Islam isn't a religion of anger or hate, because in the Quran it states that, Islam is a religion of peace and of tolerance.
During the Fatimid Empire, all practising religious beliefs were accepted and respected.
At that time, you were allowed by Muslim law to practice whatever faith that you willed.
(Note*: However verses in the Quran might be graphic in certain parts pertaining to those who inflict hurt upon you or your loved ones or upon those who have no faith in God...
also Sunni and Shia are divided in their beliefs, certain Sunni sects still practice Sharia law, which wasn't religious rather socio-political(so the next time you see some dude with a bomb strapped to himself jumping off the building above you, screaming alalalalalalaaaahh, keep in mind that's not his religion instructing him to do that, rather personal motives))

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