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Instructions on How to Build a Parrot Tree Stand

    • 1). Select clean, dry branches without signs of decay or insect infestation. Try and find branches with at least a 3-inch base diameter to use for the main portion of the parrot tree.

    • 2). Thoroughly scrub and disinfect the branches with a mixture of 1 gallon water to 1 cup bleach. Rinse well and air dry in a sunny location to allow bleach fumes to dissipate for at least 24 hours.

    • 3). Cut the plywood sheet (or have it cut for you at the lumber yard or home improvement store) into a 3-foot by 3-foot square.

    • 4). Line the 1-by-3 strips up carefully along the edge of the plywood, working with one at a time, and drill into place (For the sturdiest hold, drill from beneath the plywood up into the 1-by-3 board). The 1-by-3s will create a lip to catch seed and feathers beneath the tree.

    • 5). Paint the entire base with a high-gloss, nontoxic interior latex paint, and allow to dry.

    • 6). Cut a straight edge across the base of the branch which will connect directly to the tree stand to ensure a smooth, flush fit.

    • 7). Pre-drill the holes to connect the tree branches to the base using a 5/16 drill bit, drilling through the stand and approximately 2 1/2 inches into the base of the branch.

    • 8). Connect the branch to the stand using a lag bolt and washer.

    • 9). Connect any cross branches to the parrot tree by tying with twine or sisal, or using stainless steel nuts and bolts to bolt branches together. Toys can also be affixed in this way.

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