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The 12 Volt Refrigerator Info: Ice Box Vs 12 Volt Refrigerator

There are many reasons why I personally feel that an ice box is better than the purchase of a 12 volt refrigerator.
Yes, it's true that a refrigerator keeps the food fresh for longer than an ice box, but when you think of the cost involved and the maintenance to a refrigerator, it makes you thankful you did not purchase this type of refrigerator in the first place.
Lack of Storage Space Have you seen the inside of these refrigerators? Although all the advertisements will say that there is ample storage space available, there will only be space for about two or three bottles of Coke and some vegetables.
Why would you spend hard earned money on a refrigerator that can only store a few items? Price Speaking of prices, the prices of these refrigerators are ridiculous.
Why spend almost $300 on a refrigerator when an ice box will cost you less than half this amount? Yes, it is true that you will save electricity in the long run.
Yes, it is true that they consume less energy.
But, you are better off saving a few more dollars and buying a standard refrigerator.
Durability Although there are so many reviews about how good the 12 volt refrigerator is, let me tell you, my refrigerator stopped working after three days of use.
No matter how many calls I made to the dealers and asked them for help in fixing this refrigerator, the after sales service of this company was not at all good.
However, I understand this was one company.
But, what about the refrigerator? Now it stands in the basement and is a good storage place for unwanted tools.
Battery and Other Accessories When I bought my refrigerator, I was under the impression that all the other accessories accompanied this appliance.
I believed that if I paid such a price for it, the least they could do was include the accessories for free.
Boy was I wrong! I had to spend more money on the purchase of the accessories such as power cords, power converters, battery savers etc when I bought the refrigerator.
So, the next time you find yourself considering a 12 volt refrigerator, remember what I said.
In many cases, particularly for home use, it is far better to have an ice box than to spend hard earned money on a refrigerator that does not work after three days of use! However, for traveling and for marine use, I would recommend a 12 volt refrigerator that can plug into a power adapter.
An ice box in these circumstances would not be practical, of course.
A compact refrigerator with freezer would also be a better travel-related option.

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