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How to Propagate Stephanotis

    • 1). Take 4-inch tip cuttings with a sharp knife from a healthy Stephanotis plant's branches. Set them immediately into a cup of water so there is no chance of them drying out.

    • 2). Prepare a rooting mixture of equal parts sand, dampened peat moss and perlite. Mix and fill your planting container with at least 4 inches of the mixture. Water until everything is dampened but not soggy.

    • 3). Remove any leaves from the bottom half of a cutting and then roll the bottom half in rooting hormone powder. Tap it lightly to remove the excess and poke into the rooting mixture, so that only half is showing. Repeat for the remaining cuttings, keeping them spaced about 2 inches apart from each other.

    • 4). Cover the whole container in a large plastic bag to create a humid atmosphere. Set the cuttings in a warm and sunny spot where they can stay for the next four to six weeks.

    • 5). Check the cuttings at least once a week to make sure the rooting mixture is still damp and to refresh the air, until you see signs of active growth -- not the initial flush of growth that might occur within two weeks of planting.

    • 6). Transplant the rooted cuttings into larger individual containers filled with well-draining soil.

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