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Places to Rent for a Birthday

    • Rent an ice rink for a birthday party.Jupiterimages/ Images

      When you are throwing a birthday party, a location away from home can make the event feel special and provide a break from everyday life. As you research places that are available to rent for a birthday, consider the interests and needs of the individual; choose a place that will be meaningful, entertaining and provide a relaxing atmosphere to celebrate.

    Ice or Roller Rink

    • For a large, active birthday party, rent an ice rink or a roller rink. Many facilities will allow you to have the entire rink to yourself for a fee. Because schedules are made early in the year to accommodate open skates, team practices, and private sessions, book as far in advance as possible to guarantee your desired day and time. You can then hold a large skating party or provide the novelty of having the whole rink for only a few people. A skating rink allows participation by kids, parents and young adults, and will suit almost any type of guest who is mobile.

    Yoga Studio

    • If you are planning a birthday party for someone who has a busy, stressful life, a yoga studio can be the perfect location. Take advantage of the calm, relaxing atmosphere and contract with one of the studio's teachers to provide a custom class. For an athlete in training, you can request a class designed to stretch out muscles used in the sport; for an overworked executive, the instructor can teach poses designed to work out tense neck and shoulder muscles and give suggestions for desk-based exercises that can be done at work.

    Dance Studio

    • For someone who has always wanted to learn to dance but isn't bold enough to attend a lesson or class, rent out a dance studio. Many studios will contract out their instructors for lessons, which can be tailored to fit any age. For a little girl, you might hold a ballet party; for an adult, consider a couple's swing dancing party. Encourage guests to use the facilities and dress in clothing that is appropriate to the style of dance you will be learning.


    • When you want to plan a birthday getaway, rent a cabin that is within an hour or two of your home so that the distance is not prohibitive. You can rent a cabin for an adult weekend of hiking and relaxation, or find a larger cabin for a kid's party. Plan to build a fire, roast marshmallows and spend time enjoying the great outdoors before returning at night to prepare meals together and play games.

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