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REFLECTIONS BY JILL for February 27, 2007

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Sheree writes: “I don't blame Blair for acting the way she does, I blame the writers and Dena Higley. For the past 6 years or so, the writers, no matter whose guidance they wrote under, wrote Blair as a VICTIM! I don't know why they thought it was entertaining because it wasn't. Blair lost her feistiness and spunk. They gave her a personality transplant. They gave Blair NO RESPECT!

Blair has been in Llanview for 15 yrs. and she still has no home of her own. Why not? They keep putting her and Todd back together yet never have them trying to figure out why they keep doing what they do. Todd has VERBALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY abused Blair and the writers STILL reunite them. Now Starr has learned to verbally abuse her mother, it's not cute or fun to watch. This is why I DO NOT want to see Higley put Todd and Blair back together. There is NO storyline they could write that would get me behind Todd and Blair again. My biggest rant this week is OLTL giving the actor who plays Brittany (Portia?) a contract. Come on! They can't find money to give Tim Stickney a contract but they can give THREE newbies one!”

Dear Sheree: I can’t say I agree with you about Blair losing her feistiness. If she has been a victim, she has put herself in those situations every time. I can’t even say she was a victim of Spencer since she has always been an easy mark for any man who showed her any attention.

Blair has always given as good as she got and no one ever forced her to make the bad choices she made, whether it be with Asa, Max, Spencer, or 100 times with Todd. She even made a play for Ben back when he was temporarily separated from Viki. The last word I would use to describe Blair is “victim.” I will agree with you about the contracts for the newbies. It is totally ridiculous to give out these new contracts at the expense of the veteran actors we love.

Kay writes: “I'm a huge John and Natalie fan and have appreciated your treatment of their story. Like you I believe that if John could not play into Nat's insecurities so heavily they could enjoy a time of relative happiness. I don't want John to change completely since the strong, silent John is whom I fell in love with, but I'd love to see him appreciate Nat and smile a bit. I think the friction between them is great because, well to quote John, "She is a pain in the ass and I am a jerk."

Dear Kay: I loved that line from John. It showed that even though he appears to be an enigma most of the time, he knows exactly what he is and what Natalie is. You’d think that would make for a better relationship and more understanding, wouldn’t you? I figure that if she’s a pain in the ass and he still wants her, hope springs eternal.

Deborah writes: “Sorry, I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of John and Natalie. It sounds to me like John isn’t wallowing, but trying to recover and get back out in the real world. Natalie is not his mother or his wife – yet she seems to always think she knows what is best for him. The meds he did not want to take weren’t antibiotics, they were pain pills, and he doesn’t need them to get better! She put them in his food and then eavesdropped outside the door, and then tried to butt in when he was talking to Bo about going back to work! I am surprised Bo didn’t tell her to mind her own business! The writers have made her into a busybody, who can’t mind her own business. Why should John owe here an apology for talking to Marty – a psychiatrist who helped him get back to his room the night he tried to kill Spencer! John needs to send her packing!”

Dear Deborah: As we said above, yes, Natalie is a pain in the ass and yes, she needs to ease up and stop mothering John, but there is nothing she does when it comes to John that is not done out of pure love for him and when it comes right down to it, he knows that. I definitely think she needs to take a long look at her behavior, but so does John. And when it comes to talking about Natalie behind her back to Marty, I’m sorry, John certainly does owe Natalie an apology because whatever his problems are with Natalie, they are none of Marty’s business and I found it a betrayal for him to tell Marty that he doesn’t know if he can trust Natalie any more. Some things should be kept private between two people and maybe if John shared all of these thoughts with Natalie they would have fewer problems. Marty is not John’s doctor and John has a family and friends he can talk to who really know and care about him if he needs to vent.

Barb writes: “It appeared fairly obvious to me that Spencer's killer was a left-handed female. What's your take?”

Dear Barb: I don’t have a take because no matter how hard I tax my brain trying to figure out a whodunit, even after watching soaps for 100 years, I can never get it right. I couldn’t tell if it was a man, woman, child or wild beast. Hey, your guess is as good as any.

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