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It"s Time to Hijack the Occupiers and Make Our Case

Oh well, it seems that the occupy protests are petering out.
In many regards we could say that is a good thing, as they were ill thought out, ill planned, and chaos ensued for no particular reason at all.
It seemed to be just an excuse for bad behaving folks to commiserate and complain in unity.
Not to mention they had no problem breaking the law, trespassing, or occupying a piece of public land in many cases to the point that no one else could enjoy it.
Indeed, I find this interesting for several reasons.
One is that public parks are for the public.
And yet the occupy protesters were able to take those away from the public and keep them for themselves, therefore the public did not have use of those parks.
But in a way isn't that the same as a group of crony capitalists taking from the public the abundance that the free-market creates, and funneling it to their friends and powerbrokers in high places? The hypocrisy is a little unnerving when you point out the philosophical reality to all this, one which, no one seems to care to see, but to me it's quite evident.
Perhaps because I disagree with the occupy protesters, so it easier for me to see the hypocrisy of their ways.
Sometimes when you're in the middle of something, you can't see the forest for the trees, and I understand that.
Nevertheless, there are reasons for people to be angry at least some of the folks who in the top 1%.
The reason I say some, is because most of the folks in the 1% have earned their money the hard way, building up businesses, and providing, everything we see everywhere we go.
They are the free-market capitalists, entrepreneurs, and small businesspeople who built their companies larger.
Then of course there are the other folks who sponge off the government, make deals with politicians to change the regulations and laws in their favor, and we know this as crony capitalism.
It's wrong, it's corrupt, and it is a real problem.
Unfortunately, the occupy protesters seem to have been hijacked by the unions.
But the unions are part of the problem in that they have lobbyists, and work with politicians so that they can make more money, while everyone else has to pay higher prices for all the goods they produce.
In other words they are hurting the 99%, but the folks representing the 99% supposedly in the park don't seem to be bothered by that.
Rather than letting the unions hijack the occupy protester's cause, and turn it into their own, shouldn't we hijack the occupy protesters, and let them be the bugle to sound the alarm that crony capitalism in the United States of America is no longer acceptable, and we plan to shut it down.
I think everyone would agree with that, except the politicians, their lobbyists, and the crony capitalists who are enjoying stealing the flows, capital, and labor from our free-market system.
Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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