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Planning a Great Christmas Party

The holiday season is the time for festivities and parties.
It's the time when everyone is looking forward to meet up with families and friends to have fun and celebrate the season.
Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party with your closest friends or organizing a big family reunion for your relatives, there are special touches that you can do to make the party spectacular.
The key in planning a memorable Christmas party is to plan ahead of time.
This way, you'll have more time to decide on the menu, the decorations, and everything else.
You'll also have more time to send out the invitations, if you're using them, or to call the people you're inviting.
Here are some things to focus on when planning a Christmas party.
Choose Creative Decorations Of course you can always stick with the usual decorations such as Christmas socks in the chimney, mistletoes on the door posts and so on.
However, if you want to hold a unique party that your guests will definitely remember, you can go for a creative theme and decorate accordingly.
For example, you can choose themes such as Arabian Nights, Winter Wonderland, Fairy Tale, Back to the 80's, Santa's Workshop and so on.
If you're going for the Moroccan theme, then you can decorate with colorful fabric swags or even Moroccan tents.
You can also have bright carpets and small pillows where people can sit back and relax while sipping wine.
If you're going for a Fairy Tale theme, you can make the place look like Cinderella's ball.
Your guests will usually make their first impression based on the decorations, so be creative.
However, you shouldn't spend too much on these, so go bargain hunting to find the decorations you need at an affordable price.
Have Great Entertainment Set the tone of your party by having great music playing at a comfortable volume to create ambience.
You don't even need to get a DJ or have someone playing the songs for you; you just need to make a playlist ahead of time and hook up your computer or MP3 player to a decent sound system before the party starts.
Make sure you include a mixture of holiday classics, Christmas carols, and some danceable tunes to the playlist to keep things interesting.
Have more than enough songs in your playlist so that each song will only be played twice (or thrice at the most) because nothing is more irritating than hearing the same song over and over again when it is playing on a loop.
Focus on the Food No matter how great the decorations are or how fabulous the entertainment is, your guests won't be too happy if there isn't enough food or if the food does not taste good.
Serve some hors d'oeuvres or finger food which your guests can nibble on all night.
Make sure you also have light meals like salad, pasta or sandwiches to keep them from getting hungry.
Have an assortment of desserts that they can choose from, such as cupcakes, gingerbread or ice cream.
Serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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