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Gutter Replacement Options That Benefit You

If you own your home you will want to make sure that you have a good gutter system that will prevent your home from being damaged.
Without a gutter, water can damage the walls of your house as well as leak into the basement.
There are various types of gutters such as aluminum, steel, vinyl and copper.
Aluminum is the most popular gutter used in the US.
More than 80% of the homes built today have aluminum gutters.
There are advantages of using the aluminum gutter because it is rust resistant, you will not have to paint it and there are different colors to choose from.
The only disadvantage is that it can be dented easily.
There are two different sizes and thickness to choose from with the aluminum gutter.
Steel gutter is mostly used in areas where there are heavy storms.
This type is very durable and can withstand heavy downpours and storms.
It is also rust resistant and will not warp from heat.
The steel cutter can be purchased in several different colors as well.
There are different finishes on the steel gutter, check to ensure that it is a lifetime finish that will last a long lifespan.
The vinyl gutter is very simple to install.
It is lightweight, cannot be dented and it is rust resistant.
There is no need to paint it; it will hold its original color without fading.
The one disadvantage about the vinyl gutter is that it will warp over time in very hot temperatures.
The copper gutter can be the most expensive of the four types of gutters.
The price of the copper gutter starts around $15.
00 per linear foot where the other three types start around $3.
00 per linear foot.
The copper gutter will increase the value of the home.
There are advantages of having a copper gutter such as long lasting and durable.
The copper gutter will not rust or rot and there is very little maintenance in the care of the copper gutter.
The biggest disadvantage of choosing a copper gutter is the price and the copper gutter tends to turn green but this can be prevented by applying a sealant.
The vinyl gutter is the only gutter that is easy to install and can be installed by the homeowner.
The other types should be installed by a professional.

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