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Catholic Sports Gifts

    Golf Balls

    • St. Anthony of Padua is known as the patron saint of lost items. Therefore, if you have a friend who loves golf, but has a little trouble locating his ball after a shot from the fairway, give him a set of golf balls that feature St. Anthony's image. It might bring your friend a little extra luck when he is searching for his ball in the tall grass after a bad shot.

      Another gift option is a set of three balls that feature Saint Patrick (Patron of Good Luck), Saint Anthony (Patron of Lost Items), and Saint Jude (Patron of Lost Causes).

    "Jesus is My Coach" Statues

    • If you know a young Catholic faith who plays a sport such as golf, soccer, football, softball or skiing, then you might want to purchase a "Jesus is my Coach" statue. It depicts Jesus helping players prepare for the respective sport. The meaning is that Jesus is a source of confidence or strength in a moment of adversity. They are also offered for numerous other sports.

    Sports and Religious Dog Tags

    • Dog tags are a popular item to wear around your neck as a decorative necklace. If there is a friend or family member in your life who wears jewelry and is passionate about a sport, then consider purchasing dog tags that mention both the sport and religion. These sports-themed dog tags are made for a variety of sports such as baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and track, among others. They depict a player in mid-action playing one of these sports, with a small cross off to the side adding the religious element.

    Coffee Mugs

    • If you have a family member who loves to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, and is a fan of a particular sport, give her a mug that has a sports theme and a quote or proverb. It might be a quote that is light and comedic in relation to the sport, or it might be an inspirational quote from the Bible pushing the recipient of the gift to excel at her sport of choice.

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