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How to Paint a Laminate Backsplash

    • 1). Open all doors and windows. Put on a paint respirator, rubber gloves and eye goggles. Dip a painter's rag into xylene and wipe the laminate surface to clean all grease, dirt and grime.

    • 2). Sand the laminate surface with a 120-grit sanding block until the laminate appears dulled. Noticeable hairline scratches will appear, but this is OK. The paint will fill them. Wipe away all dust with a tack cloth.

    • 3). Run pieces of masking tape on surfaces around the laminate that you don't want paint on. These might include cabinets, window sills and countertops.

    • 4). Lay painter's plastic over the countertop beneath the laminate backsplash and tape it to the counter. Place a paint tray on the counter and pour a few inches of acrylic paint into it.

    • 5). Dip a mini roller fitted with a 1/4-inch nap roller cover into the paint. Roll it back and forth on the paint tray until the fibers are loaded.

    • 6). Roll a thin coat of paint from end to end and top to bottom until the laminate surface is painted. Wait 24 hours and then apply a second coat. Wait another 24 hours and apply a third coat. The more coats applied, the more durable the paint finish will be.

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